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As you may know, the Situation Room is the White House command center where the sitting President of the United States receives intelligence and advisement on a crisis at hand. SitchRoom LLC is not quite as formal – hence, “sitch” – but aims to serve the same purpose: Providing timely, tactical or strategic counsel to valued leaders experiencing challenging circumstances. SitchRoom is an affirming, edifying space where leaders can relax, reflect, release, resolve and regenerate.

SitchRoom is for any professional seeking to continually grow and develop in their leadership practice.

However, SitchRoom was born of the reality that leaders of color, particularly Black leaders, have unique experiences and challenges in their roles and workplaces.

For a variety of reasons that have common roots in a history of marginalization, many Black professionals experience disparities in access to mentorship (and sponsorship). Of those who have mentors, they may have only one, or their mentor might not be able to relate to their lived experiences. These access issues are intensified if the Black professional is specifically seeking a Black mentor.

In many organizations, there are strikingly low numbers of Black leaders at the Director level and above, with racial diversity being scarce to non-existent in many C-Suites and boardrooms. This relative paucity of resources and racial representation has two significant effects for Black leaders seeking Black mentors: the further these leaders advance, the less likely there will be Black mentors in higher roles, and Black professionals at the pinnacle of their careers are often already overwhelmed with mentees and mentorship requests.

To Black leaders, specifically: SitchRoom aims to bring more racial diversity to the mentoring space, so Black leaders have increased breadth and depth of support along their career journey. SitchRoom also supports the advocacy efforts of non-Black leaders who are committed to advocating for and advancing Black professionals.

To all leaders: Through an approach that couples the principles of two leadership styles — Authentic (starting with the person in the mirror) and Situational (meeting people where they are), I help you navigate the crossroads of challenging situations. In a synergistic atmosphere – your leadership experience and desired outcome for the situation combined with my mentorship experience and recommended tools – you will arrive at an approach that will effectively address your needs.

SitchRoom is a virtual meeting space. The initial session must be via videoconference; and subsequent sessions can be by videoconference and/or phone calls. For customers with a retainer agreement, other communication tools can be leveraged, such as mobile texting and video teleconferencing (e.g., FaceTime, Google Duo).

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