If you’re presently having a leadership quandary, there’s no time to waste!


Upgrade Your Tackle Bag

Do you have the leadership and self-leadership essentials to effectively address workplace challenges? Are you ready to go for the “big catches” in your professional and personal development? Let’s partner to help you strategically supply your tackle bag and effectively use the resources within!

Our coaching and consulting services for individuals and teams include:

  • Situational, Opportune Support (S.O.S.) – one, or more sessions as needed, to support you in resolving a single issue

  • Coaching – initial engagement of 10 sessions, then ongoing engagements as desired; an individual Energy Leadership® Index assessment guides the coaching process

  • Interview preparation, for formal leadership roles
  • Career counseling, for formal leaders

  • Team culture consulting — through a lens of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging/Psychological Safety:

Additionally, Dr. Ophelia Byers is available for in-person and virtual speaking engagements, including keynote addresses, seminars, and panel discussions.

1:1 Coaching

Receive a personalized plan and regular check-ins to help you reach your leadership development goals.

  • Confidential, safe, edifying space

  • Guidance and facilitation through a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion lens

  • Tips and tools to help deepen your purpose, expand your influence, and optimize your effectiveness as a leader

  • Weekly or bi-weekly sessions

  • Conveniently virtual

Situational Guidance

For specific, acute issues that need timely resolution.

Let’s Fix Your Sitch!

When you experience a specific challenge, like a dealing with a difficult team member or being faced with a unfamiliar issue or responsibility, you need a nonjudgmental, encouraging perspective that will help you shed light on the root cause(s) of the issue and arrive at positive, actionable next steps.

If you know that you will benefit from a “sounding board” and decision support, your complimentary session can be used to talk about the types of challenges you tend to face, and we can mutually determine a plan for episodic engagements.

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